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If you have a specific skill then working in Thailand is very beneficial, it is difficult to start a business as a foreigner unless you know a Thai local to help you though. These are not specific recommendations since I’m not familiar with all their problems, but companies like these with good earnings should be able to remain on the list for many years. Additionally, for someone seeking clarity on specific terms, I have a glossary here. Share your questions/comments below if you have. Through these, I hope to share my observations, experiences and inferences. I hope to shed light on conceptual issues, and on best practices and questionable practices. Money Magazine columnist Walter Updegrave in his article, The Single Best Retirement Strategy, has this to say: If I told you there was a risk-free way to boost your retirement savings by 20 percent or more, would you be interested? There are different approaches you can use to work with market trends and to secure your position. It’s important for an app or website to take good care of its SEO to be recognized for their work and stay one step ahead of the competition. I am also rather busy as I am creating an extended website for T.U.B Investing blog.

Remember the idea of producing a website full of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion on all the stocks in SGX? Recently, I have also found some interesting possible unique small to mid cap stocks to invest in. Unfortunately, S&P is not making the list widely available but recent ones can be found on the web. CEO Rex Tillerson said XOM was making progress at tapping opportunities. Tax loss season is here, making matters worse. Least Lock-In Period – ELSS funds are not the only investment plans which provide the tax saving benefit under Section 80C. There are various other alternatives too like National Pension Scheme, Public Provident Fund, Life Insurance Policy, and so on. I have spent most of my working life using mutual funds to my advantage and to the advantage of anyone who trusted my understanding and my intentions. This is one of two blogs that I have put together in an attempt to document some of that understanding. A final thought: mutual funds are a complex investment option, and acquiring a good understanding will likely take some time. I hope that whatever investment decisions you make, are for the right reasons. The size of the same in terms of investment has grown in size to be really huge.

Make sure you do your homework well and look for professional help if you feel you need it. However many on the list are doing well & look like they will get thru this financial storm with additional annual div increases. Nearly 60 of the Standard & Poor’s 500 have track records of at least 25 consecutive years of annual div increases. A few that might be checked out because of their good earnings coverage for the div include: Coca Cola (KO), Kimberly Clark (KMB), VF Corp (VFC), Walgreen (WAG), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Procter & Gamble (PG) & Wal-Mart (WMT). I will also assume you are a UK domiciled investor who wants to own assets listed on the London Stock Exchange only (though the funds might be listed in Ireland for example). The original type of trade historically was barter, the immediate exchange of items and solutions. Business activity expanded in Oct at the fastest pace since Mar 2011 as orders & production surged, indicating US manufacturing is gaining traction & will help fuel the economy. Although I personally am not a big fan of cycling, it does help burn calories and lose weight if done correctly. The first blow came from the Labor Department’s worrisome employment report for January.

The MNI Chicago Report business barometer jumped to 65.9 from 55.7 in Sep, the biggest monthly increase in more than 3 decades. Taking that leap of faith and move on to greater financial opportunities gives you more than just financial success. The unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent from 5 percent in December, though the move came as the labor pool shrank. The Commerce Department added to the fray, reporting that construction spending dropped 1.1 percent in December — the most in 15 months and twice what analysts expected. 1B. Capital & exploration spending increased 15% compared with a year earlier. 2.09 a year earlier. Banks have a mind set up to sell the property at the best available price. I have opted to set this blog in the context of India and Indian readers. The blog will be closed to comments but I welcome feedback, thoughts and questions via email: Well run ones should survive & high monthly or quarterly divs will be welcome during continued financial turmoil.

When all divs are under suspicion, looking to the Standard & Poor’s 500 Dividend Aristocrats can provide names of companies with reliable divs. An instance in which the price to earnings ratio has a lesser significance is when companies in different industries are compared. When it comes down to it, Greenblatt’s “magic formula” is relatively simple to understand compared to some of the other convoluted qualitative stock-picking methods out there. Do bear in mind, though, that there are some compelling reasons to consider investing in mutual funds. The purpose of index investing is to offer to every client the possibility to have a full wallet to choose from. There are many far-too-expensive index funds and there are some relatively frugal actively managed funds. The index exceeded the most optimistic estimate, in which the median projection was 55. A gauge of orders advanced to the highest level in 9 years. As an investor, you must know your risk appetite and act accordingly.