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And, this is the major reason why people often struggle due to the financial insecurities. There is no definite amount for starting this business as the cost may vary due to factors such as location, size of station, number of fuel pumps, type of extra services offered. A gas station business requires a huge amount of money for its establishment. And also listen to business podcasts. Do you want to do business in the oil and gas sector of the economy? In fact, it is probably one of the most vital sectors of the economy because every other industry is dependent on its output; which are petroleum products. Dr Goh Keng Swee, our economic architect quickly realized that Singapore could not afford to remain as a closed economy. Obtaining licenses, approval and permit to run a filling station is where the major problem lies. What this means in essence is that establishing your filling station in a good location will almost guarantee success; as you will likely not invest much in running advertisements.

Running a gas station is management intensive, so you will need extra hands to cover positions such as pump attendants and a manager. ARM has an AA- rating by Agusto Guaranty Trust Bank Plc divested its shareholding in the company. I want to use this post, and the following one, to highlight my highlights of the Fairfax Annual Letter to shareholders. A good friend, Sherman Doll, related the following story. Once you hire employees, you are good to go. It is a profitable business with good profit margin (volume based).

To avoid misquotations and miscalculations, it is advisable you conduct feasibility research and work on your business plan alongside a business consultant or a consultant specialized in the oil and gas sector. So before investing a dime to erect a fuel station, it is important that you conduct a critical research. Before setting out to establish a gas station, you must be adequately prepared; mentally, physically and financially. Keep in mind that just because the market is slumping, or has even already crashed, that does not mean that you must forego investing entirely. So therefore, incorporating a company name is a must. The company was acquired by select investors, management and staff of Investment One. Asset & Resource Management Company is Nigeria’s largest independent non-bank financial institution with over 20 years of experience in asset management. BIP’s factsheets highlight its total return over an extended period as a reason to invest in the company.