(The) Boring Investor

They are aimed to create and work on the projects under profitable budget, supplying investors with the necessary information while the project is being created. A company that can give you the most complete information on a 1031 exchange or TIC properties nationwide. All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that any information presented on this blog is accurate. I started reading your 1st blog post from 2006 since my first email to u n hope to improve my investing knowledge. First to fall will be the financial sector. His jokes served its purpose, (he’s actually the first to laugh out even before delivering the punchline!), but I got more curious and gravitated to his stocks stories and followed his MEG recommendation. Nevertheless as our Portfolios actions yesterday illustrate, more stocks keep trading into their Sell Half Ranges while still others are breaking major technical support. Actually, the actions of Nixon did have their ultimate impact on banking, for it was the destabilized interest rates he caused that were a prime cause of the Savings and Loan Crisis. On Fidelity, to see my dividend and interest income, I have to either download monthly “statements” (in an unreadable and confusing format) or just look at the cash balance in my account and guess where the money came from.

The two latter numbers point at a weakening economy, as does the balance of data reported thus far this week and as did the stats from last week. Volume was off; breadth improved though on balance volume remains quite negative. Nevertheless, it is too soon to consider altering our Model although the alert lights are flashing yellow. If like that, v should buy oil & gas stocks which are unloved now. Like any home seller, you want to get top dollar. This is just not the kind of Market in which I want to be buying stocks. Why are some retail investors holding to their stocks across market cycles of Bull and Bear? One, holding on to losing stocks as it doesn’t make sense to cut losses anymore. With a soaring unemployment rate and the entire continent falling into recession, that simply makes no sense. If you are considering being a landlord, you might as well purchase a unit that has more than one tenant option.

It can be argued that I should have been more aggressively buying stocks six months ago—and that is a valid criticism. But being wrong six months ago is not a reason to be wrong today. For the right or wrong reasons? Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. I am one of the silent reader of your blog, can i learn DIY investing from you? Track, measure and visualise – without doing it how to revise investing strategies and improve year-on-year investing performance. Read till Aug 2009 now, u said need to measure the CAGR. However, I’m assuming that they won’t read these blogs in time, and will have their U.S. And occasionally I worry about the young investors that may read his books become greatly motivated, and then go out and do something stupid. I have dwelt on this issue ad nauseum and how the ongoing printing of money may be a ‘nose hit’ short term but will end very badly. I can only wonder how long the Chinese ‘nose hit’ will last, especially given that we can’t trust anything these guys tell us. In addition, recent history has shown that the time period and magnitude of advance of the liquidity ‘high’ from each successive ‘nose hit’ keeps getting shorter and rising less.

Why this time in 2012 it is different? From it, I will check the ratios across the years and try to construct a story to explain why it went up or down. An investment can only go two ways, up or down, sure it can go sideways but it always goes up or down eventually. But it is only after a stock operator has firmly grasped this that he can make big money. This created the Asian boom from 2009 to 2013 as we saw most Asian stock markets hit highs. So if you’re looking for somewhere to stash the money you’re saving toward that holiday, the stock market is probably not the place. P/L as on 31 Mar 2012 market closing. When market drop last few days i also dont dare to buy, just hope my portfolio to breakeven later but it seems abit difficult. I started investing two years ago, my portfolio until now all red red because i just follow people buy and never do any homework.