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801-56587) that specializes in sustainable, responsible, impact investing. “These are seriously engaging the interest of our foreign partners and we are hopeful that major developed countries, which are our economic partners, will be investing both in technology and in establishment in partnership with Indian industry”, he said. Brushing aside the concerns over impact of the proposed changes tax laws, commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma on Sunday said Indian economy is strong and exuded confidence that foreign investments will continue to flow into the country. On impact of global crisis on the domestic economy, the minister admitted that they would have some impact but the Indian economy was strong enough to withstand the problems. One thing that seems to have changed is liquidity. The capital and provisioning requirements of the RBI can change the overall picture of a company very fast and one needs to have a good grasp on the same.

Some fantastically managed NBFCs like Sundaram Finance, Bajaj Finance have been huge wealth creators for investors. In this post, I am talking about 2 NBFCs; First Leasing Company of India Ltd and Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in his Budget for 2012-13 has proposed to introduce GAAR to check tax evasion by overseas investors. SEO software program: check out and check out the examples before you get! This is quite a popular thing to do; many systematic investment funds are out there competing for your money; from simple passive tracking funds like ETF’s to complex quantitative hedge funds. You reallly do only need a pea size amount of paste but with most tubes it comes out at the speed of the TGV. How much of this has been accounted for as income in their books is not known, but the sheer size of one of their loans with respect to the company’s overall size is mind boggling.

IMHO, this event will surely have an impact on overall NBFC valuations and the way the market perceives the sector and its companies. There are two people who have deeply influenced me, namely Benjamin Graham and Korekawa Ginzo. Term deposits can be of two types: fixed deposits and recurring deposits. Book value is an accounting concept and can be bloated very easily. This is why there is so much emphasis on accounting. There are such a lot of things about the lending business we dont know and cant know. It is no different and no less important than earning a living, maintaining a house, or protecting the things you’ve worked hard to get. Various sectors and segments of the market can get hot and everyone around you is jumping in. Even investing a little, if done regularly can pay off. My objective is not to pass judgement about these companies, but to showcase why investing in NBFCs is full of unknown risks.

If investing is risky, investing in NBFCs is, ummm, more risky! It is also extremely critical to understand the laws governing the NBFCs. But ask any adult you know and they will tell you that freedom comes with responsibilities. Interestingly, it is only the investor/trader himself who can tell if some particular purchase of stocks was meant for investment or trading purpose. We changed to buying a particular type of tube of toothpaste. Passive investment is not a viable option as it can not materialize your dreams of a prosperous future so it is advisable that you monitor and take active part in the stock market to gain huge profits. It is much better to go with a proven management, which is fully transparent on all the aspects of the business and is in a business which one can understand and identify with properly. It is extremely critical to understand what the business is. Are you serious about keeping your nails in top condition, or are you run a manicure and pedicure business or do a lot of manicures or pedicures for your friends? If one does not understand how the business is operated, better to not get into it at all.