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Financial Literacy For Kids Games & Websites

I remembered someone told me before on reading on the book about Porter’s 5 Forces. While there are times we should sit down and think alone, most thinking require discussing with like-minded friends, writing down our thoughts and ironically more reading to better understand the issue at hand. For me, my thoughts of fundamental investing has never change. I only enhanced the methods revolving around Fundamental investing. Previously I have always been a more “value-oriented” investor, but even since we started Fundamental Scorecard website together, I have been looking at his Full Analysis scorecard (which includes the recent Moat scoring). In some ways, we are seeing some warning signs: more and more teenage suicides, the recent infamous NDP middle finger boy, Amos Yee, just to name a few. Many travelled long distances just to listen to the Yoda equivalent of the investing universe utter a few words of wisdom, with the hope that the experience would help internalize some of this wisdom. Since the start of Big Ideas Investing Theory, I came up with 9 Big Ideas – Some were long held companies and some were just purchased a few weeks ago. I do have 3 different companies within the Big Ideas Investing Theory that will announce their full year results and I am looking forward!

I will use some of these ideas in my classroom! After all I invest in Gold but not because I personally think it will go up in value. And after the liabilities have been squared off, the residual value is the profit of the company. STI have also fallen from 3,385.71, as of 26 Dec 2017, to 3,356.73 as of 15 Jun 2018. This is the first time in 6 months that STI have fallen below the 26 Dec 2017 level. Since most IRAs wont allow you to invest directly in these things, you first have to transfer your IRA to a company that offers self-directed IRAs. I have posted in details what all these numbers meant like a million years ago. I want to learn to can like my parents and grandparents did. In fact, the tables had turned and it might not be feasible to go into the good schools unless the parents are willing to fork out thousands of dollars every month to keep up with the system.

We are riding in the dark. Navigating the markets and navigating dark caves also share many similarities. My portfolio holds 30-40 stocks and ETFs which are listed both in Singapore and in the major global markets. It will be interesting to see how my portfolio will change in August as many companies announced their results. The huge cash pile will allow a company to engage in actions that could push the share prices higher, such as acquire companies or give out special dividends. I always felt investing in fundamentally strong companies that is constantly able to generate good earnings will generally help retail investors to sleep well. The Price-Earnings-Ratio is the relationship between the market price of the company’s shares and the earnings per share (EPS). 110. What is more important is where is the price now? 1 in 3 cars on global roads now are Japanese cars and Toyota now produces close to 10mn cars every year ie 1 in 7 cars is a Toyota.

Your objectives should be crystal clear and see if you want to be a long term investor, a short term investor, whether you want to invest in mutual funds or whether you are interested in everyday trade. The time to form a habit is surprisingly short – just 21 days, according to various research. Maybe it is time to do so! Seller financing is when you agree to pay the seller over time the down payment and the rest you get from the bank. It could be said that Warren Buffett’s success also boils down to time and consistency, which is essentially habits. CookingChoosing between charcoal BBQs and gas-powered one all boils down to personal preference. The question is, do you need one? When buying an existing facility, you need to evaluate it from different angles to get an idea about the feasibility of the location. BSNL, MTNL, Tata Communications, Reliance, Idea Cellular etc are some of the service providers in the wireless segment in India.