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Journey Towards Financial Freedom: “An Additional $560k Gone…”

Upon further assessment over 37 states don’t enable the public sale of these tax liens. The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) was established to incentivize and facilitate collaboration among private and public sector stakeholders in U.S. These funds would buy shares in companies which operate within a particular sector of the economy. And BT Funds Management offer a European fund. You can choose a fund which concentrates on a particular region. The most common way of gaining international investment exposure is via a managed fund of some description. If you have any interest in pursuing this angle, have a look on the ASX website at the iShares product and also their section on Listed Investment Companies. Many managed funds offer a product which is hedged. There are also a number of listed investment companies and exchange traded funds which hold internalional shares and you can buy and sell these on the Australian Stock Exchange. The reason I started thinking about this was that I was recently reading about an investment concept known as asset allocation. The idea behind asset allocation is that you spread your investments across different assets classes with different risk profiles and for which returns are not always correlated.

One of the asset classes suggested by many financial planners and other investment professionals is international shares. Unlike donation or grant-based philanthropy, though, the impact investment model doesn’t require a constant injection of capital to keep the engine running. This means that they will try to take currency fluctuations out of the picture (through the currency futures markets) so that any returns will be in constant dollar terms. As I mentioned in my post on buying American shares, another factor to consider is currency risk. The goal was to prevent competitive currency devaluations and over leveraged Wall Street (vs real economy) investing. 7. Taxable Income or Loss – This is the net operating income, less mortgage interest, real property and capital additions depreciation, amortized loan points and closing costs, plus interest earned on property bank accounts or mortgage escrow accounts. Depending on the country of origin of the income, you may be entitled to some tax relief whereby you may only be taxed on the difference between the foreign rate and the Australian rate.

The Australian stock market is a very small portion of the overall investment universe – less than two percent, depending upon who you listen to. Rates will vary depending on the country in question. If you are going into a new cave for the first time, you will not know what lies ahead. Williams was also a first rate economic strategist. It’s about 4 months since I started this blog and it’s interesting that the first stock I wrote about, Hardwoods Distribution Income Fund, was the best performer. To buy a perfect touch screen cash register, internet is the best source. These people have the best video game console, big screen tvs, a good car. Another good reason to buy international shares is for exposure to some of the faster growing or emerging economies. Say Caterpillar, it has significant exposure to global mining which is in a huge decline after China slowed and all the commodities got hit by slow demand, over capacity and low prices.

More than that, the low headline number seemed to be at odds with the ADP employment report and the Canadian employment report, both of which were very strong. The more realistic scenario, however, is going to be slightly different. I’m going to send this to my mom for sure, she might get a laugh out of a few of these. To get placed in such colleges, it is essential for applicants to secure a high score in specialized entrance exams that are conducted every year. These businesses are truly global in their operations and many produce products consumed by us all the time. Below is a quick visual of the broad investment themes where I concentrate my time and believe where investors can generate above market returns, the more themes an particular investment hits the better. Another way in which the investments are divided is by industry or investment ‘theme’. Other than this investment principle, let’s assume that both investors have the same investment characteristics, e.g. same amount of capital, same rules in selling, etc.. However, this option is probably more suited to more experienced investors.

If the Aussie dollar drops, you will make more money. If the value of the Australian dollar goes up, you will receive less when you sell than you would have if the exchange rate had stayed the same or dropped. In other words, I feel I still have a long way to go if I intend to be a true blue value investor. Prospective Students: Please note – The Value Investing Program is a separate program with its own admissions process. You are investing in the future of the world economy. By buying shares in overseas companies you can gain access to some the largest companies in the world. Tax on foreign earnings is a complex area and you should seek professional advice before buying international shares. For those that are serious about buying shares and who have not heard of Benjamin Graham, I suggest you take the time to find out about the man.