Sales First Culture Is Imperative For Business Growth

Once your team is scoring high — using a script grading adherence form — on the first call, turn your attention to the closing call and build momentum, and buy in, one step at a time. We have one of each in our house, and if I want the dog to come over, it’s pretty simple – I call her over! Have you ever forgotten to do something? But, feel free to experiment with any type of white fish you have as well. Unfortunately shoppers in todays marketplace are well informed and will simply take their business elsewhere when your store is allowed to run out of the core essentials they need. You see, if your reps are not qualifying prospects properly, or if they are not handling objections or brush offs well enough to win sales, then if they simply make more calls, this won’t result in a lot more sales.

In fact, it will just waste more of their time, more of your resources and result in more frustration in your sales department. That’s right, the importance of writing a schedule for your direct sales business is an often overlooked task. The logic is quite clear: as long as salespeople keep on closing sales and bringing revenue, how they do it – is their own business. Of course, you must have a solid sales training program that teaches effective sales skills and the best practices of your particular sale (these best practices will also come after you’ve defined your sales process – DSP). In all my years, working for companies that ranged from Fortune 100 to mid-size companies I have never met anyone who was really good at both sales and marketing. You can still interview and even hire experience sales reps, but just bare this in mind: The biggest predictor of future success in sales is what the rep has done in the past.

If you hire sales reps like most companies do, then it probably did. They hire reps quickly, and they hold on to underperforming reps far too long. Each and every top professional I know practices these habitually, and when I focused on these early in my career, I, too, became the top producer in my office of 25 sales reps. A much more effective way of hiring successful sales reps is to start with raw and motivated candidates and then train them properly right from the beginning. For instance, a more elaborate EPOS system not surprisingly is often more expensive when compared with a basic one. 30 more minutes to clean up without our consent when the common area closes 11 sharp. Before you dismiss these results as far-fetched, think about your own inside sales team. After investing the time, energy, and money involved with developing a new sales platform you may understandably be in a hurry to get the team to buy in.

They may not be “achieving” it, but is always their marching orders. Actually, there are several types of barriers – but perhaps not the typical sort of barriers that you may be thinking. Put your face out there. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Still, it seems like my parents (along with a lot of other people) tend to just toss their condiments into the fridge and keep them there for far too long until they’re all used up. The method most sales people use is to bash their clients over the head with benefit after benefit, and hope that they build up enough value that it simply overcomes any buying resistance. That’s why direct sales approaches trigger an instant, subconscious sales resistance in people. If your business offers a service, you have nothing to distribute and it would be wiser to use sales representatives. All too often, candidates are often found to simply have ‘talked the talk’ at interview and subsequently fail to live up to expectation. The key here is that if you have a steady flow of talent and candidates to choose from, then you’ll be much less likely to make quick and ill advised hiring decisions. You may have thought it was your own idea to go into the store, but in reality, the store’s staff made you come in.