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If you don’t know your Purpose, how do you find Happiness with your abundant Time and Money? You will want to be sure to have inspectors inspect it as well to make sure that there are no problems you need to know about before purchasing it. However, to true value investors, the world’s stock markets are our caves and every detailed stock analysis, our finest dive. Yesterday was the first trading day of calendar 2019 and we witnessed how the markets “lao sai” (had a diarrhoea) all the way on its first trading day (slightly better today though). When someone buys his first stock, watching it fall 30% and then panic. This Purpose can be as simple as witnessing your kids growing up, or creating art, or doing charity etc. So the ultimate motive of financial freedom should then be trying to replace Job with Purpose. Already, malls, restaurants and banks are beginning to spring up, things that were never there before.

Contingencies like buying put options are also available to sophisticated investors but for most of us, they are too expensive and hence not deployable. This means building in contingencies. This means you need to invest every year under Section 80C to save some tax. Yes, parents do support them, but that is no reason not to save money and begin to build wealth now. Therefore running appliances during the day will help you save hundreds of pounds off your electricity bill. You can hire property managers which not only help in maintaining the house but also help in selling the property more quickly and easily. Buying the coveted New Sunny Enclave Plots and developing a desirable house or office on it gives you the freedom and flexibility to realize your dream as per your desires. The sooner the seller feels like they know and trust you, the sooner they’ll call you and sell you their house.

When you have decided to go for a used forklift, you need to be extra careful in choosing the seller. We have to prepare well. Another reason why people have financial stress in their life is spending over the irrelevant stuff. And when something’s fun, people tend to pay less attention to the costs of doing it. If people claim they knew, avoid them like the plague. However, investment options like the stock market, mutual funds, etc. come with various risk factors associated with the capital market. Options carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. If you are going into a new cave for the first time, you will not know what lies ahead. The forecast for the future is debatable, yet one thing is for sure – the digitalisation of industries is going forward. In some cases it has been observed that though investors have put in their savings in a large amount yet they are not able to see positive results in future. When you would set a budget, you can talk to the bank and get to know about the loan amount you can apply for. You will never know which way the stock would go from today’s price.

I will try to spell it: Self Actuallyrealizingmoneyisnonotion or something. Nevertheless, as a start, I think we should try to find our own Purposes in our Jobs. We want to buy something we think is worth a dollar with 60 cents. In addition to buying physical weight of precious metals, there are also funds that a person can buy that trade with the price of gold, silver, or other precious metals. It’s also about many buy and sell calls to hone our acumen and to build on our experience. While most trading systems use static analysis, our system is always learning and sharpening its trading acumen for ever-increasing returns. You can use torches but sometimes the water turns muddy! It’s about having good torches with enough batteries in them. If you totally hate your job, cannot find a good reason to go to work everyday you wake up. Actually, Work is 10 hours out of 16 hours that we are awake. Work and Life cannot mix.