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There were holes at the bottom to tell how long it took for the water to get through. After a wade in the creek and a “sail away” flip flop and one wet little girl, we took the trail on around the loop to see the “table land” Laura talked about. It was neat to be able to see a car driving upside down on the wall.After we finished in the room we went back inside. It was dark and on the wall you could see things from outside only there were upside down. You stood somewhere in front of a screen and the lines went up and down when you went forward and backward. There we found a place to make pictures by stepping forward and backward. One place had a real mummy from Egypt! A man that worked there told us that a long time ago they mummified people after they died. News stories are secondary data because, unless the news reporter was at the sight the time the event occurred, they are just going by the accounts of eye witnesses.

We carted our picnic items off to the Dugout Sight and ate close to the Banks of Plum Creek! The house has been moved into town close to the museum, but it’s all exactly as Laura saw it! Then it was time to take sleepy people off to our Motel 30 minutes away to nap/relax for several hours until supper time and time to head back to Walnut Grove for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant! Jasmine: The Tour. All the original buildings and items were the best part of all.Jennifer: Driving the pony on the cart ride, and riding on the little pony!!Lillian: The covered wagon ride!We finished off the day with the DeSmit pageant. You could take a wagon ride across the prairie to the school house where they did a little school demonstration. Laura’s prairie and sky. Depending on the size of your workforce, the way in which you announce the GPS tracking’s implementation will vary. Bethany – The original buildings but also the replicas and seeing the actual size of their houses.

Their careful re-furbishing uncovered original chalkboards under layers of wall paper! In “Grandma’s House” we looked at many items from that era, one fun one being a pump organ which Jasmine tried her hand at! What do these severe weather pattern changes, which have caused so much havoc in some parts of Western Europe, mean other than inconvenience for some and having some extra fun with snow for others? I have recently got my hands on some very exciting titles, which I can’t wait to read – Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘2312’ and Juliet Gardiner’s ‘The Blitz’ being two particularly exciting titles! They had different buildings to check out – a typical “Settlers House”, a dugout, a school house, a church, and a larger building with a store counter, post office and bank set up with some hands on things to do. Also the ACTUAL building, although it had been used as a house at one point and then returned back to a school by the Museum. Isaac: The DeSmet school house. Their destination here was the Little House Wayside attraction on County Rd CC, 7 miles outside PepinI had the privilege of talking with Jennifer after her family’s visit.

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There was also a place outside to put water in a watering can and pour it over different surfaces. It was a map of the Mississippi River.Later we went outside to go mini golfing. It had shells, a puzzle of the Mississippi river, a steam engine and many other interesting things.When we got there, we parked across the road so we had to walk to the museum. On one floor we ran a steam engine. Seeing the ACTUAL building that Laura ran ahead of Pa and Ma to check out. After arriving at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, we wandered around looking at all the many interesting things. They were in town on their much anticipated Laura Ingalls tour, in which they are visiting all the home sites of Laura Ingalls. She did, however, state she really enjoyed her visit and especially mentioned the loft and fireplace as points of great interest to her.She left town with her family late yesterday afternoon. The6 believed that your “spirit” left you and then later returned.