Investment And Trading

The return on investment will be higher with the same amount of cash invested (Assuming the current share price is lower than the bond price in SGX). On the other hand SGS and T-Bills is more like a commercial bond that is subject to market conditions – in this case, the Singapore economy – and it can be purchased within SGX. This will be similar to Youtubers’ meet and greet event – you will meet us and you can ask us anything! We will be organizing a FREE face to face “Ask Us Anything” event! Why a Face to Face “Ask Us Anything” Event? In the event a company wind up, a bond holder has the right to their cash prior to equity investor. Yes, you heard that this is a free event! In addition, if I have stated any information wrongly in this write up, please feel free to comment about it! My main objective is to earn a bit of return while keeping the bulk of my cash free from any significant risk taking. In addition, I have already invested a part of my cash holdings in SSB prior to writing this article. Once management has invested the available cash, they have indicated they would look to sell the CDO bonds in order to continue investing in net leased properties until fully ramped.

NRIs who undertake not to seek at any time repatriation of the capital invested in India and the income earned thereon are permitted to invest on non-repatriation basis. I intend to get back these cash in a few months’ time (within 2 to 3 months) and invest them into the equities market again. SSB, in my opinion, is like a 10 year fixed deposit with a step up interest rate that you can withdraw at any point in time. Interest rate will also definitely increase in 2018 unless Fed changes their mind. Upon the approval from the bondholders, the company will then proceed to make the following changes to the bonds T&C. However, this does not meant that a company can just anyhow change its bond’s T&C as and when they like. LL: I pay attention to those macro trends only in the hope that I can have comfort that they’re a tailwind as opposed to a headwind.

But during the oil and gas crisis, when many of the companies couldn’t pay their bonds holders, these companies will hold meetings with the bond holders to ask to waive certain conditions or to allow extension of the bonds. There are also many companies’ bonds sold within SGX, and these are subject to market conditions as well as how the companies are doing. While hedge funds still remain beyond the reach of the average investor (and in many cases this is fortunate), the other big beneficiary of the credit bubble, mutual funds, are also suffering. A scorecard method can be considered as a mechanical/systematic way of investing, where your consideration is based on facts and numbers, while your emotions and bias are put aside. Google Docs is like a virtual hard drive – your space in the “cloud” – and while a little primitive, it allows you to save files in directories and sub-directories (file folders) for later retrieval.

1. Big Fat Purse and Invest Openly – Before I proceed, I like to clarify that I have nothing against Big Fat Purse method and I have never went for their course before. In a sense the value of these underlying publicly traded companies is hidden like a Russian nested doll, with the 5 publicly traded companies partially nested within Singer Asia, and then Singer Asia partially nested with Retail Holdings. Conversely, if interest rates were to fall after your purchase, the value of your bond would rise because investors cannot buy a new issue bond with a coupon as high as yours. But, are you so sure that your returns on your investment using the saved 60-80% of this “capital” will exceed your losses due to interest payment? Whenever we speak of a bear market, we tend to think that there is only 1 type of bear markets and all bear markets are the same.