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There are other games like Payday that are actually quite decent and teach about how to manage money in other ways. Thus, it looks like even mobile services is facing declining cashflows. We have come to the most important business segment, which is the mobile services. These new plans come with unlimited data during weekends but also higher monthly fees. 5.10 per month in exchange for unlimited data during weekends. The Vietnamese Dong is ultimately an emerging market currency, the exchange rate is volatile and the bid-ask spread is very wide. Although value investing concepts should work for all kind of markets, but I have only invested in the Singapore Stock Market. The Site does not offer individualized market advice suitable for any specific person. Use of the Site at any time and through any means whether directly or indirectly, represents acknowledgment by such person of this agreement with its terms and conditions.

The time it takes to get into it won’t be that long if you have good information. But I believe I will get there. Simple yet rational thinking will help you become a successful investor. If a person is prepared to pay thousands to go for a short course to learn how to invest in the financial markets, it means he is serious to become a DIY(do-it-yourself) investor. In the past, I have written a positive review free of charge on a 1-day investment course based only on its course content as I did not attend the course in person and it was priced at SGD98. The cost structure for Pay TV is fixed capital cost for the network infrastructure, and mostly variable cost for the TV content. Starhub over the other telcos is its cable TV network infrastructure, which is used to provide not only Pay TV but also cable broadband services.

As mentioned above, cable broadband is served though the Pay TV network infrastructure, which is fixed capital cost and mostly depreciated. Unfortunately, Pay TV has been on a decline in recent years due to competition from over-the-top service providers like Netflix and online privacy. Although Starhub has been rationalising TV content to cut costs and investing into media companies like mm2 Asia to generate exclusive media content, it is difficult to see such measures being able to counter the decline in no. of subscribers. 5.10 per month. As at end Dec 2017, Starhub has 1.37M post-paid subscribers. Recently, Starhub has been running a promotion to get more customers on board its cable broadband services, but it is difficult to see Starhub being able to reverse the decline in the no. of cable broadband subscribers. Thus, the more subscribers Starhub can get on its Pay TV services, the more profits it can generate. See Fig. 2 below for the no. of cable and fibre broadband subscribers.

Although the total no. of broadband subscribers has remained steady, a breakdown of the no. of subscribers shows that the no. of cable broadband subscribers has continued to decline, in favour of fibre broadband. Thus, the less no. of cable broadband subscribers, the less profits Starhub can generate. Wired broadband can be categorised into cable broadband and fibre broadband. Consulting a financial expert before investing your money is the third strategy that you can perform. Pure value strategies are relative value, exactly the kind of high SR, naturally low risk strategy that rich people like. And when you switch to a strategy that is currently in favour, you risk riding on the tail-end of that strategy and the winds might just be about to turn. A down turn in Australian real estate values would presumably have a negative impact on REA Group’s value as its been a pretty high flyer momentum stock, but its growth is nonetheless impressive.