Dow Is Down 80

As for price points, there are two areas of significant resistance on the upside. But lo and behold, in only just two weeks, its price went up high to 10.36. Super amazed by the profits in a very short period of time, I immediately grabbed the chance, and reaped that whopping 21% gain. There is also an important lesson on short versus long-term trends in the Brown Coakley race. Obama will be severely depowered by a Coakley loss, both in the short and long-term. The implications for the Brown Coakley race in Massachusetts are very significant for U.S. While minor corrections and updates of the law are common, things become difficult when the court overturns any one of the major statutes. Just a couple of days ago, the Eco Investing Guide published one of my blog posts for the first time. Material from one of my blogs about a month ago was used in a Newsmax story and just this morning, I was interviewed by ABC News because of material they saw on my blog.

Telus is one of the Big 3 in the communications industry in Canada. Over the past several months, the US President Donald Trump and Canada are having talks about NAFTA. Always remember that “ Stocks are stories , Bond are Mathematics “…… look at their balance sheet and cash flow statement , if the issuer will be able to pay you the coupon rate and redeem it eventually. SVP has elected to pay these minimum cash interest payments since the Event of Default, and has capitalized the remainder. In the world of miniature gardens and fairy gardens, hobbyists have always known that their interest is accessible. I have initiated a position in Starhill Global REIT as the dividend yield is decent and it is trading at a discount to book value. My broker that I use for my main investing does not pass this discount onto me. Use your slow-cooker. It will make your Thanksgiving dinner preparation a lot easier.

That means either increasing my income or reducing my expenses, the latter being easier to do than the former. After being promised a big tax break in the health care bill, big labor has bussed in a number of foot soldiers to work the vote on Election Day. However, it is the fundamental health of the company which determines its long term financial prospects. 1370. However, this is likely to be much too conservative in this case. In any case there is always one fool that is allowing the other to make profit. He was trying to convince me of the merits of investing in one of the equity funds managed by his fund house. Republicans will be energized in the November elections and are likely to gain a significant number of House and Senate seats. The higher allocation to Asia and Europe reflects they are more diversifying; the US market has been too correlated to the UK but also to global bonds thanks to QE. Thanks once again for your loyal readership. Many thanks and God bless. As the weekend is coming to an end, it is time to share some of the posts I read over the last week that some of your readers might find interesting.

It is possible that this gold rally will last for around the time length of the base, which is 18 months. The base for gold is quite long and should be good for a rally that is at least double the depth of the base. President Obama himself came to Massachusetts to try to rouse the base in favor of Coakley. 1042.70. The breakout was text book perfect – a gap out of a long base to all time highs on high volume. If you are in and out quickly, your risk is limited to your holdings at any given time. They are trying to break a three-decade downtrend. U.S. government in economic policy positions are the most likely to be in this category. What should investors do now assuming you already have your full positions in precious metals and their miners? The entrenched interests do not give up easily and investors should always keep this in mind.

It is likely that it will be worthwhile taking some profits in precious metals and buying oil with them some time early next year, so keep this trade in mind. With the exception of short-term momentum traders, most investors need to keep the long-term trend in mind. It will much harder to deny a third loss is not part of a bigger trend (although this will indeed happen, expect the excuse machine to be revved up to full power after the election). Senate will be gone. In Massachusetts, the Democrats finally realized an impending loss was imminent in the Senate race. Investors should pay attention to how the markets react the day after the Senate election and to Obama’s State of the Union address on January 27th. The market will tell you what it thinks of this turn of events. The New York Investing meetup will be having a class on Commodity Investing at PS 41, 116 West 11th Street (at 6th Avenue) on Thursday, October 8th. I will be reviewing the gold and silver markets at the beginning. Only the incredibly dull and oblivious could miss the inflation message of the markets. The committee is going to have to do some explaining early next year when the inflation numbers start picking up.