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And this goes back centuries. The price of a bond, once issued, goes up or down depending on interest rate changes. So most folks are as ignorant as I was for half my life, about “where all the money goes”. They’ve obviously come to the conclusion that once rates have gotten close to zero, money printing is the only way to go. A repurchase might not be a convenient choice for you at the moment, considering the financial implications involved, so resorting to rental boilers instead might come as the more advantageous alternative. They also streamline the operations of the companies and load them with debts, such that the companies become more conscious about cutting costs and direct most of their cashflows to paring down the debts loaded onto them. The magazine The Money Paper has (or had) a service that allowed you to purchase single shares of stock in companies that participate in shareholder savings programs.

Today, in addition to sketchy investments like cryptocurrency, people are just throwing money into the stock market. There are now a number of reasons why individuals are continuously investing their capital in such investments. Majority of people who tried to commit suicide actually regret at the last moment bcos deep down, they knew there is always another way out. I last posted an update on progress in November. Republicans will be energized in the November elections and are likely to gain a significant number of House and Senate seats. When many places are fitted to become wheelchair-accessible, freedom scooter-accessible places are much fewer in number. It isn’t shocking that people today are throwing money at things and hoping it sticks – that is human nature. Try to read and understand as much as possible first before putting your hard earned money in a company which can yield you much greater returns in the future.

Only the first trading days of the year in January are more critical in determining market direction. You may notice that First Reit and Lippo Mall has dropped from my top 4 position. Just work the numbers and you may find multi family investing to be profitable for you! So you’ve decided to start investing. JJJ Investing Services does not provide investment advice through this site and does not represent that the securities or services discussed are suitable for any investor. Sponsors here obtain legal opinions from their own law firms, stating that the TIC interests they are selling are interests in real estate, rather than securities. And when the new tax law was passed, it went into overdrive. Maybe, maybe not. As I noted in another posting, while the old corporate rate was indeed 35%, there were so many loopholes in the law that many if not most corporations never paid close to that rate. When you realise that a long-held strategy does not work as well as expected and there could be other forces at work influencing your returns, you will be willing to open up your mind to other investment strategies. Now the stock market meltdown, which peaked (or valleyed) in February 2009 (Black President! Sell Everything!) was something we didn’t really anticipate or time very well – but then again, timing the market is hard to do.

Myself, I have been quietly liquidating some stocks and mutual funds, selling off portions of things that have done spectacularly well in recent months. In the early months of 2010, I decided to take action after waking up one morning and saying to myself that I didn’t want to live like this anymore. 7. Invest in 20-30 of the highest ranked companies, by acquiring 5 to 7 stocks every 2-3 months over a 12-month period i.e. dollar-cost-averaging. So there is little upside to me keeping money in stocks as I get older and older. Now, what is interesting about this, is there is a predictable pattern of human behavior at work here. You can’t predict the behavior of the individual, but you can predict the behavior of the crowd. I can increase my sales, control my cash flow, reduce my expenses, adjust my liquidity ratio, and sell the business or hold. Actually, we ourselves strive to stay healthy and keep those cholesterol away so that we can fend away the harmful effects of metabolic syndrome right?