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The long Treasury was up, ending above its 100 and 200 day moving averages (both support), the lower boundaries of its short term trading range and its long term uptrend and has now made a third short term higher high. On investments, Singapore’s high net worth individuals picked healthcare as their top choice for long term investment opportunities. Not all scooters are all made to encourage individuals with obesity, so it’s important you choose a model that is particularly designed to support heavy loads. The rest are better left to humans. Also, lest we forget, the growth rate in rest of the global economy has slowed and will not be helped by the decelerating effects of the dollar funding problems in the emerging market. Bottom line: the economic news is not nearly as positive as the ruling class would have you believe—and Hurricane Harvey’s effect will not help, all that rebuilding elation notwithstanding. If you have any suggestions feel free to email (“contact” tab above) or add your comments below. But it remained above its 100 and 200 day moving averages. Volume was up slightly, but remained at a low level; breadth was mixed.

Volume rose; breadth improved. The long Treasury declined, ending back below the lower boundary of its very short term uptrend. GLD fell slightly, ending above its 100 and 200 day moving averages. The only good news was that Trump had a decent day acting presidential. Trump continues to persist in making the achievement of his own agenda more difficult by insulting and threatening the very people he needs to accomplish it. ]—nothing threatening from Trump and the right amount of outrage from other world leaders, including China and Russia. The June trade deficit shrunk, but the May deficit was revised up by an equal amount. Yesterday’s economic data was weighed to the upside: month to date retail chain store sales improved from the prior week, August consumer confidence was ahead of forecast while the June Case Shiller home price index rose less than expected. In case you plan to keep the house, you would want a home that’s low in price and can be customized for your needs.

Market cap is all the shares of a company times the price of the shares. Toyota Industries, which is the holding company for Toyota Motor, is not in the big index. The index is tracked by an exchange-traded fund, the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average. The June Chicago national activity index was up more than expected, but the May number was revised down. The June durable goods headline number was strong, but that was due to a huge increase in the erratic transportation orders, leaving core orders down. ] assuming this event will slow down any tightening move by the Fed. What worries me is the spillover into Canada, which will not be spared. This will not stimulate the economy, but prevent a total collapse of the stock market (not a drop, but a total collapse). And as I noted above, Harvey gives them the perfect excuse to continue to do nothing; but if they do start unwinding QEInfinity, I don’t believe that will be a plus for stock prices. That will help you know exactly why/when you want/need to sell it.

He shows you how to sell ‘unsellable’ houses to ‘unloanable’ buyers. Fig. 1 below shows the extent of the crash during that period. The question is, will this result in a scale back in the corporate tax cut or a revenue negative tax cut? The recovery has been fragile, based on slow, steady growth and a zero percent interest monetary policy (and even negative interest!). I scored all these a neutral; but that durable goods stat is a negative. The dollar finished back above the lower boundary of its short term trading range, negating Wednesday’s break; but that did little to improve an otherwise ugly chart. Throw in higher interest rates, and we will be back where we were in the 1970’s with interest payments taking up more and more of the government budget. I have no insight as to what that means directionally, but it seems like the next move will be big whichever route it takes. You are our priority and we have the tools you need to manage your money and investments.